Terms of Use

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is developed by the Administration of the Service InterShooting.com and establishes the Rules for the use of the Service. This agreement determines the rights and obligations of Users and the Administration of the Service. The Administration reserves the right to change or amend this Agreement unilaterally without special notification.

InterShooting.com is a Service designed for shooting competitions.

Service is a set of specialized computer programs that provide access to information on the Internet at www.intershooting.com. All rights related to providing access to information at this address, and the address (domain name) www.intershooting.com belong to the owners of the Service.

Administration - employees of the Service InterShooting.com, ensuring the serviceability of the Service in accordance with this User Agreement.

User - users of the Service are individuals registered on the Portal in accordance with the procedure established by this User Agreement. In the event of violation of this condition, the User Account may be blocked or deleted upon the decision of the Service Administration.

Account - the aggregate of the registration data of the User, the personal profile of the User and the profiles of the clubs (shooting ranges) created by this User and linked to the personal profile of this User. Access to the Account is carried out with the help of a login and password, known only to the User who owns this Account.

Content - the content of the profiles (texts, graphics, multimedia, etc.).

Rights and obligations of the User:

- The User has the right to make full use of the Service's capabilities and his Account for the presentation of his activities in the sports community and for any purposes related to the organization and holding of any sports and entertainment events, and participation in them;

- The user is obliged to comply with the provisions of the current legislation, this Agreement and other special documents of the Administration. Any actions performed with the use of the User's login and password are deemed committed by the User (unless the User has proven the contrary). In case of unauthorized access to the login and password and / or the User Account, the User is obliged to notify the Administration thereof;

- In case of disagreement of the User with this Agreement or its updates, the User must refuse to use it and inform the Administration about it.

The user is prohibited from:

- place information and objects (including links to them) in the Content that may violate the rights and interests of others, including Copyrights;

- download, store, publish in the Content information (links to information) that contains threats, discredits, offends, defames honor and dignity or business reputation, violates the privacy of other Users or third parties, vulgar or obscene material, pornographic material, Materials with scenes of any form of violence and / or cruel treatment, calls for inciting national, racial, inter-confessional and other discord, extremist materials, propaganda of criminal de And / or advice, instructions and guidelines for the commission of criminal acts, etc. etc.;

- download, store, publish in the Content information (links to information) that contains software that threatens the normal operation of the Service as a whole and / or the Accounts of other Users, as well as malicious programs (viruses, Trojans, etc.);

- to publish in the Content materials containing advertising (anti-advertising) of political parties, trends and individual politicians, political and pre-election campaigning, etc .;

- to place commercial advertising in the Content without the prior permission received from the Administration;
User Responsibility:

- The user is personally responsible for publications in the Content and for any interactions with other Users;

- The user understands that the reference to any Internet resource, product, service, any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature, placed in the Content, is not an approval or recommendation from the Administration.

Rights and duties of the Administration:

- The Administration will make every possible effort to ensure the smooth operation of the Service. At the same time, the Administration is not liable for temporary interruptions and interruptions in the operation of the Service and the loss of information caused by them. Administration is not liable for any damage to the computer of the User or other person, mobile devices, any other hardware or software, caused or associated with the downloading of materials from the Content or from links posted in the Content;

- The Administration reserves the right at any time to change the design of the Portal, its content, modify or supplement the scripts, software and other objects used to display or store information, any server applications at any time with or without advance notification;

- Administration does not provide guarantees that the Service will not be partially or completely suitable for the specific purposes of the User. The Services are rendered on an "as is" basis;

- Administration or its representatives shall not be liable to the User or any third parties for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage, including lost profits or lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation arising from the use of the Service and publication of any materials in Content to which the User or other persons have accessed through the Service, even if the Service Administration did not warn about the possibility of such harm.

Final provisions:

In the event of any disputes or disagreements arising from the performance (non-performance) of this Agreement, the User and the Administration will make every effort to resolve them by negotiating between them. In the event that disputes are not resolved through negotiation, disputes shall be resolved in the manner prescribed by applicable law.

If, for one reason or another, one or more provisions of this Agreement are found to be invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.

This Agreement shall enter into force for the User and the Administration from the moment of successful registration of the User and shall be valid for an indefinite period.